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GRIPP is a focused governance, risk, and internal control (GRC) advisory and business solutions organisation.

Who we are

We provide a holistic and end-to-end governance, risk, and internal control (GRC) suite of services to our clients. These services are core to what we do, and our focus is without distraction of other peripheral advisory and audit services. 

Our Mission and purpose is Clear

We see this as partnering in a complementary manner, with like-minded individuals and organisations across the public and private sectors of the geographies within which we operate, to provide reasonable internal assurance and an outcomes-based solution to our clients, and by extension, their stakeholders, including shareholders, the board, board committees such as the social and ethics committee, and the audit and risk committee, remuneration committee, management, regulators, alliance partners, society, and other third-parties.

Our clients benefit from partnering with a purpose driven organisation like ours through individualised solutions that are practical to their specific needs and chosen outcomes and receiving services from an organisation that specifically focuses on their unique GRC improvement journey.

To improve the governance, risk, and internal control (GRC) environment at our clients

Our Vision

We seek to work as a strategic partner to either uplift, upskill, or capacitate in-house assurance functions or to provide full outsourced solutions to clients to ensure their assurance strategies and objectives are achieved with the aim of our aligned vision.

An aligned vision between us and our clients benefit stakeholders through ensuring that our objectives are the same as that of the in-house assurance function, management, and the board, thereby eliminating other business objectives that would impede the effectiveness of the engagement outcomes for our client. 

To increase our client’s shareholder value and confidence from their stakeholders through well embedded and integrated governance, risk, and internal control (GRC) practices

To spend quality time with our clients seeking efficient and effective solutions that are outcomes focused and value adding

Our Strategy

As catalysts for continual change and improvement, we work with our clients to deliver quality solutions, with suitably skilled resources, to ensure limited time wastage and inefficiencies on our part, to achieve our client’s objectives. By focusing on outcomes and planning our efforts with that in mind, we ensure that we achieve the objectives that have been set.  

Our clients benefit from this strategy through innovative and cost-effective pricing models tailored to their specific needs and use of more senior resources and experienced skill sets to drive output and quality work product.

Our Values

We promote a desire for high-performance. This together with our professional work ethic is, at the core of who we are. We seek to employ professionals who are aligned with our values and purpose and seek to go the extra mile for our clients and the improvement of our own business. 

Our clients benefit from working with a deep-rooted values-based organisation where a consistent approach and philosophy towards engagements from our people are delivered with a continual drive to improve our delivery, efficiencies, and value-add.

We encourage our people to remain client-centric, promoting strong professional relationships, whilst remaining resilient on matters such as delivery of quality work, meeting commitments, and remaining objective and independent. 

To drive a performance-based culture rooted with deep organisational values and professional work ethic that advocates continual improvement


We work together to achieve an outcome.


We are professional and accountable in everything we say and do.


We listen, consult and collaborate.


We drive change to enhance shared value.


We pursue growth and learning for our organisation and as individuals.


We appreciate and acknowledge the individuals we work with.

Have fun

We are enthusiastic in everything that we do.

Ritesh Narsai

Chief Executive Officer

I am enthused when I work with clients, knowing that I am there to assist in improving the value of their business and increasing the level of confidence from their stakeholders