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Boutique advisory and consulting firm

GRIPP’s professional staff are registered through a combination of professional bodies

Corporate governance and risk management

GRIPP is a focused governance, risk, and internal control (GRC) advisory and business solutions organisation.

We provide a holistic and end-to-end governance, risk, and internal control (GRC) suite of services to our clients. These services are core to what we do, and our focus is without distraction of other peripheral advisory and audit services. 

Our Services

Governance And Other Board Advisory Services

Direct and monitor operations of a company in a manner that will demonstrate accountability, leadership and direction.

Risk and Ancillary Insurance Services

Assess and deal with the unexpected in a confident, structured and planned manner with negative impact

Internal Audit and Related Internal Control Services

Protect and maximise your stakeholder’s value by managing the risks threatening the achievement of strategic and operational objectives

Investigation and other Forensic Services

Identify vulnerabilities and implement preventative measures. Detect and prevent improprieties, misappropriation of corporate resources and misconduct of people.

Information and other Technology Services

Build effective and resilient IT functions and services to manage and protect your information.

Policy and Process Design Services

Build effective and resilient IT functions and services to manage and protect your information.


Ritesh Narsai

Chief Executive Officer

Ritesh is a Chartered Accountant (SA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Risk Management. He has over 23 years of career experience in the auditing profession. Most of his career is spent in the delivery of governance, risk management and internal audit services to key clients that he aims to continuously build strategic partnerships with and demonstrate outcomes-based value add. 

Ritesh has worked with client executives and boards across the Europe, Middle-East, Africa, and Asia markets providing board advisory and governance, risk management and internal assurance, and special training and research engagements to clients across industries and sectors.

Our People

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Our Affiliations

We maintain several affiliations with third-party organisations. These affiliations enable us to better serve the clients we work with, promote the objectives of our professions, and improve the quality of our people we employ and communities we operate within.

Farewell to a dear friend, 

colleague, and industry stalwart:

Dr. Gert Cruywagen

It is with sadness that we bid farewell to one of the risk and insurance industry stalwarts,  Dr. Gert Cruywagen.

Gert’s journey with GRIPP Advisory was short-lived due to his ill-health. He was well known in the risk and insurance market both locally and globally and was a co-presenter on the Risk Management podcast “RSK Review – We Talk Risk”. 

Gert was a permanent member of the King Committee on Corporate Governance and the convenor of the Risk Work Group of King II and of King III; a role he repeated for King IV.

He was the President of the International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations (IFRIMA) and the past chairman of the mirror Technical Committee TC262 for the review of the international standard on risk management, ISO 31000. Gert was also a Fellow of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA) and a Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA). He was a Honorary Life Member of both the IRM (UK) and of IRMSA, as well as an Honorary and Founder Member of the Polish Risk Management Association (PolRisk) and an Honorary Member of the Russian Risk Management Institute (RusRisk). Gert was voted as South Africa’s “Risk Manager of the Year” for 2001 and again in 2009. He was the founder and chairman of the Cruywagen-IRMSA Risk Foundation; a non-profit body that facilitates student internships, risk training, and exchange programmes for students in the disciplines of risk, to and from the USA. The Foundation also hosts the annual South African Risk Laboratories, which look at the risks facing business and the wider community in South Africa. 

Gert held a variety of qualifications from local and international institutions, including a PMD from UDW, an MBSc from ANCES and a PhD from UAS. He was a certified Risk Management Professional in the USA (RIMS CRMP) and in South Africa (CRM Prac. and CRM Prof), the only person to hold both international qualifications.  

During the recent past, he delivered training addresses to the World Bank in Washington DC, to the SA Reserve Bank, to the SA Army Planning Forum and to the Generals of the SANDF. He lectured on Risk Management at 5 different Universities in South Africa as well as at the Illinois State University in the USA, and at the Board Programme presented by Duke CE. He served the Faculty of the “Good Governance Academy”. He was a sought-after speaker at conferences, and he delivered the keynote addresses at various international conferences on the topic “Jungle Risk Management – Risk Lessons from the Bush”, based on his book with the same title. 

Gert has had a long colourful career having worked with many organisations. He joined GRIPP Advisory in 2020 and was the Chief Operations Officer – Risk and Insurance  until                     he took retirement on 30 September 2021. Gert will be remembered for his sense of humour, humility, devotion to his family, his wonderful storytelling, and his deep desire to always give his best while sharing knowledge with those willing to learn.  Farewell friend, colleague, and stalwart. May your soul rest in peace.