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Supporting our leaders are more than 40 full-time professionals that hold an array of academic and professional qualifications coupled with diverse skill sets.

Meet our people

I am enthused when I work with clients, knowing that I am there to assist in improving the value of their business and increasing the level of confidence from their stakeholders
Chief Executive Officer

Ritesh Narsai

Ritesh is a Chartered Accountant (SA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), and holds
a Post-Graduate Diploma in Risk Management. He has over 25 years of career
experience in the auditing profession. Most of his career is spent in the delivery of
governance, risk management and internal audit services to key clients that he
aims to continuously build strategic partnerships with and demonstrate outcomes-
based value add.

Ritesh has worked with client executives and boards across the Europe, Middle-
East, Africa, and Asia markets providing board advisory and governance, risk
management and internal assurance, and special training and research
engagements to clients across industries and sectors.

Driving change, building trusting relationships, providing support and guidance is what drives me in the delivery of our service
Chief operating officer

Adhika Singh

Adhika is a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Internal Auditor with over 25 years of experience in the delivery of external audit, internal audit and risk management services to clients within the public and private sectors across various industries.

She has both local and global experience.

Adhika has been described by her clients as an innovative change agent who builds trusting long standing relationships.

Let’s move away from the notion of being told what to do; let’s work together to do the right thing to ensure stakeholder confidence. I am your trusted advisor and believe in building strong relationships
Director: Analytics and Internal Assurance

Shehzaad Ali

Shehzaad is a Chartered Accountant (SA), and a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

He is part of GRIPP’s leadership team and is responsible for leading internal assurance engagements, business strategy and development as well various technology initiatives, to ensure further growth opportunities for the company. He is instrumental in driving the firm’s data analytics initiatives through both, efficiency driven audit testing techniques and big data analysis including visualization and insights.

As a professional and business advisor, I am committed to always maintain the highest professional attributes in service to my clients and stakeholders. I am passionate about the profession and committed in showcasing the value audit and advisory services can deliver to your business
Information Technology and Internal Assurance

Robin Williams

Robin has extensive experience in delivering governance, risk management and internal audit engagements to various clients in industries such as financial services, logistics, mining, FMCG, retail, hospitality, gaming, manufacturing, transport and broadcasting. Robin is also experienced in delivering IT audit related engagements which includes the review general IT controls, application control reviews, cyber security risk assessments, data analytics and implementing bespoke continuous monitoring solutions. 

Robin is registered as a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and holds multiple ISACA accredited certifications in Information Systems Auditing and Data Privacy. He is also passionate about both internal auditing and IT auditing, and currently serves on the Board of ISACA; and previously was on the IIA’s Western Cape Regional Committee where he was an advocate for integrated audits.

In his capacity as a Director of IT and Internal Assurance, Robin is responsible for managing and delivering quality Internal Audit reviews and also delivers on a key internal portfolio of the firm where he is responsible for the firm’s innovation and technology strategy.

Don’t be a conformist – they cease to think, which is counterproductive. Instead, let’s challenge the status quo and conventional wisdom! This can be achieved through lateral and critical thinking. It is where these coalesce, that the most value can be added
Governance and Internal Assurance

Shuaib Jooman

Shuaib holds various academic and professional qualifications. He has experience and a demonstrated track record in delivering internal assurance, risk, compliance, governance and board advisory engagements across industries such as financial services, logistics, mining, FMCG, retail, hospitality, gaming, manufacturing, and media. He has consulted both locally and internationally in both the private and public sectors. Shuaib brings deep subject matter expertise to his clients ensuring value is unlocked.

Shuaib completed his MBA at Wits Business School, with electives such as private equity, asset management and portfolio formation, and behavioral economics. His research focused on the influence of artificial intelligence on the future of the internal auditing profession which has since been adapted as thought leadership pieces. He is a committee member at the Institute of Internal Auditors (SA) for the Johannesburg region.

Years of industry and management experience have awarded me the technical knowledge and business know-how required to provide innovative solutions to your business needs
Information and Internal Assurance.

Lynn Sullivan

Lynn brings over 19 years of expertise in providing Internal Audit, Risk Management, and Advisory services across diverse industries. 

Holding the prestigious Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation, she stands as a globally recognized authority in Internal Audit. With a commendable affiliation with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Lynn has previously contributed to the IIA regional committee. 

In her role as Director of Information and Internal Assurance at GRIPP, she plays a pivotal role within the leadership team. Lynn’s responsibilities include ensuring the ethical and responsible treatment of all personal data processed besegy GRIPP, alongside overseeing the delivery of internal audit and related advisory services.

Having worked both in South Africa and the United Kingdom with blue chip organisations, I bring a global outlook to the advisory services that I offer to my clients
Director: Regulatory Compliance and Internal Assurance

Guinevere Morton

Guinevere is a Chartered Accountant (SA) with over 25 years’ experience and found a niche in the Internal Audit, Governance, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance environment. 

She is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of Learning and Development at GRIPP, thereby contributing to the company’s culture of learning and creativity.

With sharpened skills and vast knowledge attained through the years of my experience, I aim to impart the fullest of my expertise through my service of delivering quality internal audit service
Director: Quality Control and Internal Assurance

Simangele Nyembe

Simangele is an Engagement Director  at GRIPP Advisory with more than 10 years years’ experience in delivering Internal Audit and advisory services across various sectors.

Simangele is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and holds a Certification in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA). Simangele has a shared responsibility in managing and delivering Internal Audit engagements, and also plays an integral role as part of GRIPP’s leadership team where she leads the Quality Assurance Improvement Programme and is responsible for Branding, Profiling and Marketing strategy.

I am successful as a manager just because I know how to inspire. I strive and believe that managing is not about completing a project successfully, it is about how you lead your team towards that success. As a manager I create the environment of inclusion as well as growth that cultivates the opportunities so that my team can excel
Manager: IT Assurance and Data Analytics

Shannon Daniels

Shannon is an IT Assurance and Data Analytics Manager at GRIPP and has over 10 years expertise that he gained in both internal and external audit.

Shannon has performed a wide range of internal audits, as well as consulting services on a variety of clients in both private and public sectors.

He has performed a multitude of engagements in the development, execution and implementation of Data Analytics into audit and operations within his clients environments and have tailored reporting which assist in the continuous monitoring of critical financial and operational data.

As part of the management team, my functions include, the delivering of IT reviews within IT General Controls, Applications controls and IT Cyber Security. I am involved within the strategic drive and roll out of our Data analytics tools and empowering our people through facilitating training programs to assist them in performing analytics on our internal group clients.

My passion for the hospitality industry, as well as the internal audit knowledge and experience developed for more than 15 years, provide incomparable value to any client I work with

Anke Van Niekerk

Anke is an Engagement Director with more than 15 year’s working experience in Internal Audit and Advisory services in specifically the hospitality industry.

Her experience includes executing operational duties in hotels and delivering Internal Audit and Advisory services, hotel policy and procedural design work across all hotel functional areas.

Anke is part of the GRIPP leadership team and is responsible for the IT infrastructure and Audit Tool services.

In her capacity as a Director of OHS and Internal Assurance, Anke is responsible for managing and delivering quality Internal Audit and OHS reviews and also delivers on a key internal portfolio of the firm where she is responsible for the firm’s OHS strategy.

I am a driven risk professional that is passionate about delivering best service and value adding advice to stakeholders through consulting and assurance
Risk and Internal Assurance

Lesego Makgalemane

Lesego is a Risk and Assurance Manager at GRIPP Advisory. He has over 17 years’ experience in service lines that span across Risk Management, Governance, as well as Internal Assurance. He holds a Certification in Control Self- Assessment.

He possesses both local and international experience, having also worked across private and public sectors.

Lesego has managed engagements end to end as well as perform ad-hoc specialist reviews across service lines in industries such as Banking, Public Sector, Mining, Aerospace & Defense, Aviation, Hospitality & Leisure, Economic Growth and Development, Financial Services.

Lesego drives the Risk Management service line within GRIPP, with key offerings including facilitation of risk assessments at various levels as well as monitoring and reporting on entity risk profile in pursuit of its objectives.

As an Internal Audit Manager, I am committed to ensuring that my team and I bring value to any client that we work with as well as creating strategic partnerships with them to ensure the best service delivery
Finance and Internal Assurance

Shabbir Shoaib

Shabbir is a Manager at GRIPP Advisory, and has the shared responsibility to deliver quality Internal Audit engagements.

He has 6 years’ work experience of which 5 years relate to Audit services across various sectors.

Shabbir is a Chartered Accountant (SA), and a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

Partnering with you to add value to your organization through continuous improvement and passion for the profession
Key Account Manager

Alan Rampersadh

Alan is a Key Account Manager at GRIPP Advisory.

Alan has gained extensive experience in Internal Auditing having served in Internal Audit roles in the Consulting industry and in in-house functions in the Horse Racing, Gaming and Hospitality sectors since 2001.

Alan has performed a wide range of internal audits, as well as consulting services on a variety of clients, both in the private and public sectors, which includes Data Analytics, Risk Management and Organisational Risk Assessments Program (ORAP) reviews.

In his role as a Manager, Alan is responsible for planning, execution, managing internal audit teams, monitoring progress, reporting and quality assurance.

To drive and grow the profitability of companies through adding value and improving their operations, ensuring efficient application of the company's policies, procedures and management of best practices to exceed stakeholders' expectations
Manager: Internal Assurance

Lucy Chizunza

Lucy is a Manager at GRIPP Advisory and has more than ten years of experience, were she has had to work with risk from different perspectives, both in external and internal audit and evolved to the Risk assessment as an Internal auditor. Her experience spans across both Public and private entities.

She is registered as a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and has a certification in Information Systems Auditing (CISA).

As an Internal Audit Manager, I endeavor to utilise technology and innovation to drive efficiency and change to add value to clients
Manager: Internal Assurance and Technology

Zagrijs Venter

Zagrijs is an Internal Audit Manager at GRIPP Advisory with more than eight years of Internal Audit experience.

Zagrijs is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and is busy completing his Certified Information Systems Audit (CISA).

Zagrijs leverages his combination of Internal Audit and IT Audit experience to provide a more holistic and robust experience for clients.

Committed to working together with management to enhance organizational value by providing objective assurance, advice, and insight
Internal Assurance

Carla Herbert

Carla is a Manager at GRIPP Advisory with years of experience in executing Internal Audit and Advisory services in both the public and private sectors.

Carla has performed a “full suite” of internal audit projects, including compliance, risk-based, financial and operational and has gained extensive knowledge while working in various industries, including Hospitality, Entertainment, Sports, Arts & Culture, Education and Manufacturing & Distribution.

In her capacity as a Manager, Carla is responsible for audit planning & execution, project management, quality assurance and report writing.

Client Experience Specialist dedicated to adding exceptional value to each client interaction. With a keen eye for personalized solutions, I ensure that clients' needs are not just met but exceeded
Business Development and Client Experience

Jade Carlson

Jade is a seasoned professional who wears multiple hats as a Client Experience Officer and Business Development Manager. With a dynamic career spanning over 8 years in the fields of marketing, customer relationship management and business growth, Jade has established herself as a pivotal figure in the market.

As a Client Experience Officer, Jade is a dedicated advocate for nurturing and enhancing the relationships with existing clients. She possesses an innate ability to understand and meet the unique needs of clients, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty and providing world-class service to our clients.

Jade’s role as a Business Development Manager complements her expertise in client experience. She is a strategic thinker with a track record of driving revenue growth and expanding business opportunities. Her innovative approach to identifying and capitalizing on new markets, partnerships, and revenue streams has consistently yielded results.

At the center of the internal audit service value chain is people. My commitment is to foster quality partnerships with my team and my clients to enhance and protect organizational value for our auditees

Rendani Nefale

Rendani is a Professional Accountant (SA) and a graduate member of the Institute of Internal Auditors. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Sector Accounting. He has over 8 years of experience in internal audit, external audit and finance fields within the public and private sectors across various industries.

Rendani has a shared responsibility in managing and delivering Internal Audit engagements, and also plays an integral role as part of GRIPP’s leadership team where he is a member of the Internal Quality Assurance Committee.

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